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禮拜五上班前去MAC買了禮拜四出的A Rose Romance系列中的口紅-A Rose Romance,還有早前提早推出的Double Dazzle系列中的Dazzleglass-Baby Sparks

搽上A Rose Romance後嘴唇會呈現一種很自然的粉紅色,我覺得任何膚色的女生都該有一支這隻顏色(或與其相似)的口紅。:)

看上去Baby Sparks的顏色與我家裡的Viva Glam VI SE (lipglass)及Partial To Pink (cremesheen glass)很相似,


又,我覺得Viva Glam VI SE的閃亮度與Baby Sparks有得揮。不過Baby Sparks的閃比較dramatic,Viva Glam VI SE的則比較“低調”。


昨天收到Coastal Scents的包裹,包括Brush Guard一套。現在不怕化妝掃變形了。:D 下圖中的brush guard size(左至右):large -> mediumx2 -> smallx2 -> extra small。



逛Costco時看見Garnier Nutritioniste的優惠套裝,再望價錢牌,腦海霎時閃過這句:「嘩,好彩果日冇喺Superstore買!」$24.99CAD的這個優惠套裝有濕面巾兩包及兩支anti-puff eye roller。凈是那兩支eye roller在外面的價錢都已經高過$24.99CAD啦,高至$16.99一支都有,所以覺得這個package好抵!

Anti-puff eye roller很易用,在眼肚位置從內到外“碌”便可。



另,細佬早幾天買了Russell Peters 《Red, White and Brown》的DVD回來。


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點心不外乎是叫了蝦餃燒賣諸如此類。而福聯的蝦餃則是我的最愛。♥ 雖然今天的有點太乾了。

後來再加點了這道酥炸生蠔(純粹是因為我很久沒吃蚵仔酥。:P),$6.95CAD = 六隻蠔,還要是大size的!侍應上菜時我感到有點愕然,因為那隻碟真是很大很大呢,佔去了我們放點心的位置差不多一半。不過我跟媽咪都覺得生蠔不大新鮮。


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Philosophy and the Philosopher's Stone

I just found out that for one of my philosophy courses, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is on the list of required readings. Well, I'm sure the Philosopher's Stone gotta have something to do with my Philosophy & Literature course. :) And my friend, Mr. E, is such a genius; he suggests borrowing the book from the library instead of buying it. Why didn't I think of that? Honestly, I felt utterly stupid when he gave that suggestion. meh =\

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You know you've been playing too much Restaurant City when...

My oh-so-lacking-decoration restaurant. :)

The following lines are collected from Playfish's forum.
(Bolded ones are the ones that I'm guilty of, teehee :P)

You know you've been playing too much Restaurant City when...
- you keep finding yourself absent-mindedly whistling that monotonous repetitve tune played inside your restaurant
- you shake the trees outside your house, hoping that some money will pop out
- instead of hats, you wear a bucket/piece of cheese when you go out
- you cooked for yourself a lobster meal using nothing but a lobster, a piece of butter and leaf
- you can watch your customers come and go for hours without doing anything else online
- instead of locking your door, you put your chair or something against it
- you are watching these lines, you're busy thinking about your restaurant and ended up going back to the restaurant
- you've memorized all the answers to the food quizzes
- you silently curse your waiter for picking up that order when the customer is clearly dissatisfied with the plate in front of him
- you start learning how to cook by looking at your cooks
- you constantly check how many friend invites you have
- you look at the time and tell yourself, "Gosh, my chefs are all dead."
- RC goes maintenance you whine like a baby
- you see someone in the street cross-dressed, with purple skin, a heart on their forehead and a block of cheese on their head, and think it's perfectly normal
- after eating a banana, you place the peel on the ground and start poking it, hoping that it will transform into a dollar
- you go into a restaurant and tell the owner how much more efficient it would be if they had an "island layout"
- you go to the grocery store to buy an apple, and think you got a great deal when it doesn't cost 110 dollars
- you imagine what will pop up on the customer's head while walking into/out of the restaurant
- you keep on hoping that one day RC can give out free ingredient every time you visit your friends
- instead of studying and be totally prepared for an exam you know much better all the ingredients you have in RC
- you feel the need to draw padlock on all your food so other people won't steal it and leave something you have 50 of
- you hear sounds of chewing, frying, utensils hitting plates, and the cash register bell ringing in your head
- you start to curse your slow waiters and cooks
- you don't want to see another caesar salad or mapo tofu in your life ever again because you sat there staring at the screen at them making the same meals from 11am-5am a day
- you neglect to buy beans or garlic in real life because you have too many of each on RC

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yet Another Rant :P

So I was at London Drugs yesterday, looking for a new screen for my dad's shaver. As I got to the locked box where they keep all the screens and cutters, I realized that all the screens come with compatible cutters in a package. Yet from what I remembered, my mom had always been getting the screen by itself for the past few years, so I decided to ask a staff if they still sell the screens by itself.

I went up to this girl with a tag on her shirt saying "Photo Specialist", 'cause she was the closest one to me; and the fact that she was standing at the camera counter looking at her nails made me think that she must not be busy at that point. So anyway, I went up and asked her if I could ask her a question about the shaver accessories. (Oh yeah, I was nice to ask her that 'cause she wouldn't take her eyes off her nails.) However, after she heard my question, she looked at me as if I just insulted her or something, and asked, "Isn't it better to ask a guy?" Then she turned around to the guy standing behind her who was busy at the cash register, and said "I don't need a shaver for my facial hair, right?"

...What the hell? Does it require one to use a shaver in order to tell me whether all the screens come with cutters or not? I mean, say if someone went up to a young beauty advisor in the cosmetics department, and asked about some anti-aging products, would the beauty advisor reply something like "Isn't it better to ask an older person? I don't need to use anti-aging products yet, right?" I don't think so. But, if that "Photo Specialist" girl was the beauty advisor, what I described just now could definitely happen.

That girl is probably the most useless worker I have ever seen.


收到Cancer Agency寄來的一封信,日期為四月十號。信的內容是關於appointment要改期,而更改後的日期則是四月九號。..........封信都未開始寫個appointment time就已經過咗,想點?還有,信是十四號才寄出的囉!打呢封信嗰個人可以炒得。

Saturday, April 18, 2009


@關於《Gay Or Not, Does It Matter?》這篇,有點想補充。我個人是相信那位朋友不是gay的,純粹是直覺。

@這兩天出門前都在臉上塗了Neutrogena pure & free™防曬乳液。雖然已經是oil-free再加non greasy,但用後還是標油。討厭。(奇怪,我在官網找來找去還是找不到pure & free™的產品。)


@禮拜一晚上與accy去了粥麵館打冷,當天還用了MAC的Paint作眼影base。終.於.給.我.找.到.了!三、四個小時後我的眼妝還在,神奇!奇就奇在用MAC Paint Pot還是會有積線出現,但MAC Paint就沒有。我還以為除卻包裝外兩者是一樣的。o.O

@在London Drugs看見Rimmel的指甲油,有我很喜歡的紫色。615 Night Before,顏色很美。稍嫌掃不夠闊,而且甲油質地太稠了。



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Gay Or Not, Does It Matter?

The topic on a friend's sexual orientation has come up in a conversation between me and another friend recently. When I asked the second friend what his reaction would be like if the first friend was indeed gay and confessed to him, he gave me a slightly disgusted look on the face and said he would punch the guy in the face. Well, I assume the punching part was just a joke. But, you get the idea.

To me, it doesn't matter whether he's gay or not. As I love him for the person he is, and at heart, I think he is the most wonderful person I have ever met. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

《東Touch》 Featuring 舊同學

托細佬買了最新一期的《東Touch》,就為了看Landon個訪問。誰會料到昔日上法文堂口花花又不時爆句粗口(!)的他,今天已經是一名足球員+音樂人?haha 不過又真的替他感到開心,他創作的音樂還蠻不錯的。:) 這位人兄早前跟我說他的廣東話有進步到,I can't imagine... -_-" 不過至少他唱了句「我見你細細粒,揸住杯橙汁」,比起以前,確實有進步嘅。呵~

送上:Landon Feat. JokerMonkey - Mut Doe Duk (chinese version Light Me Up)

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真係好凍啊喂~ xS

Monday, April 13, 2009

Come Back to Me - Utada Hikaru

Somehow the way Utada sings this song reminds me of Beyonce. o.O Anyway, "Come Back to Me" totally caught my attention when I was shopping at Suzy Shier. Who would've thought? *o* But I knew it was Utada right away. :) Just now I searched on YouTube for the music video of this song, and came across a couple videos of her singing it live. Honestly, I found it unbearable to listen (the live version), especially when she tried to hit that highest note yet failed, and resulted a cracked voice. -_-" I'll stick with the album version for good. :P

**Update: Alright, apparently, Mr. CMChan says the mp3 version I posted last night is actually a slower version of the original "Come Back to Me". Well, I knew there was something weird with the song, but I couldn't figure out what. So anyway, I decide to take that off and post the music video instead! And not to mention that, Utada sounds like a man at the beginning of that slow version (the "the rain falls on my window" part). =\

ecoTOOLS Blush Brush + Foundation Brush

在經濟低迷的狀況下,壓根兒不願花太多錢在妝物上。前天在London Drugs入手的ecoTOOLS blush brush ($5.99CAD) + foundation brush ($6.99CAD),經濟實惠兼好用。♥




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金沙炸湯圓@順峰:奶黃+咸蛋黃餡=so good!還有一個乒乓球的外形..........

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我愛上的St. Ives Hand Cream


前幾年在food court工作時雙手常常濕水,即使到現在手還是偏乾,而且有很多細紋。因此hand cream已經成為了我生活中不可缺少的一份子,買著買著家裡的hand cream都已經有六、七支了。但那六、七支當中,我覺得只有Crabtree & Evelyn的Gardeners Hand Therapy比較有效。早前從同事Holly處得到一包牙醫診所專用hand cream的sample,還是不行。上個禮拜看見St. Ives的Vitamin E Hand Cream,心想平平地買支試試看也好。結果OK喎,效果甚至比Neutrogena, Crabtree & Evelyn的顯著。價錢更是最低的,所以便宜的東西未必不好。:P 這支St. Ives hand cream,我最喜歡在臨睡前搽,到第二天早上起來時雙手感覺依然超滋潤的說!

題外話,St. Ives的產品真的很不錯,尤其是那Apricot Scrub,磨完塊面便變得滑嘟嘟。極力推薦!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Good Friday is here, which means I'm already on my extra longgg weekend (as I'm not scheduled to work until next Wednesday)! I think it's time to get some quality sleep. :D (And just what am I doing here at 6:30AM?) Anyway, here are some Easter goodies I received at work last night. Yar, I can totally sense another breakout coming. :P

Okay... seriously, I didn't expect gummy bunnies (yes, gummy bunnies not bears) in there. It seems so unhygienic since they're not individually wrapped after all. =\ But I finished all the gummy bunnies already, lalala~

Have a great weekend! :D

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so, so, close; only one step away.
but, when?
don't tell me to give up now,
when i finally see what it is that i truly want.

勇氣 - 梁靜茹

作詞:瑞業 作曲:光良

終於作了這個決定 別人怎麼說我不理

愛真的需要勇氣 來面對流言蜚語
只要你一個眼神肯定 我的愛就有意義
我們都需要勇氣 去相信會在一起
放在我手心裡 你的真心

我雖然心太急 更害怕錯過你

Lyrics Source:

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這麼長一段 - 藍又時


沒有限制 你的愛情 一望無際
沒有規矩 沒有習題 自由的你
我明白 你的關心

沒有停止 你的愛情 很貼心
沒有休息 沒有暫停 真實的你
我知道 你嘗試 帶我去
我曾經漫不經心的 拒絕你

這麼長一段 才知道世界會變換
這麼長一段 才知道你陪我到現在
有那麼長一段 我的眼淚你收藏起來
有那(這)麼長一段 才知道不離不棄的愛

Lyrics Source:



某人不願在Facebook add我是因為這個原因嗎?meh =\

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@又不知怎地,居然花了一個多小時便做完,待回家打入MS Word就搞掂。

@剩下兩個小時,去了Starbucks旁的Main & Broadway Nails & Esthetics Salon(*)修指甲,選了很自然的顏色。之前偶爾都會經過這店,但真的走進去卻是第一次。普通修甲$20CAD+5% GST,比pure nail bar便宜,但效果似乎更理想。而且,店裡有China Glaze的指甲油!終於有機會讓我試試看了。開心開心 :D

@弄好指甲再吹乾後,店員在指甲上噴了一層東西,應該是幫助讓甲油持久一點的吧?反正應該就是因為噴了那東西,我的指甲上的甲油即使經過今晚上班後還是像新的一樣!*0* 上班時我可是不斷地在打字啊。嗯,這店取代了pure nail bar在我心中的位置。>=)

(圖中無名指上的血漬是修甲時弄到的,沖完涼還有血水滲出來。-_-" paper cut則是工作時的戰績。:P)

*Main & Broadway Nails & Esthetics Salon
地址:283 East Broadway, Vancouver

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Grilled Chicken Classic @ McDonald's

麥當勞之前有個叫Chicken McGrill的雞飽,但不知從什麼時候開始,Chicken McGrill不再叫Chicken McGrill,變成Grilled Chicken Classic。落order時還要記得說是要grilled的,因為menu上並沒有Grilled Chicken Classic,只有Crispy Chicken Classic。

記得Chicken McGrill消失後第一次入麥當勞想叫個Chicken McGrill,個cashier望住我擘大個口得個窿,跟我說沒有這樣東西。再問有沒有grilled的雞飽,cashier還是說沒有。當時我心在想:「不會吧?難道我之前那幾年都是在發夢,由頭到尾都沒有Chicken McGrill這個雞飽?!」

其實發夢的應該是那個cashier吧?他至少都可以告訴我Chicken McGrill已變成Grilled Chicken Classic了啊。

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But don't get me wrong, I don't hate him; I dislike him, in every possible way.

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@這幾天沉迷在Facebook的Restaurant Ciy,包括現在讀書讀唔入腦的這個時刻。有點沉迷得過火,一起身就玩到返工,放工再繼續玩到上床睡。也慶幸自己沒有laptop,否則我肯定會連睡覺的時間也不放過繼續玩。

@但,其實玩來幹啥?玩樂應該是讓人放鬆的吧?Restaurant City卻令我變得神經緊張,比如說當我由遊戲繼續run時我要三不五時去看一下,否則那些“員工”隨時會由綠色happy face轉成藍綠色not-so-happy face,甚至會變成藍色的sad face再昏倒。我話,這個game一點也不會讓人放鬆囉。




@四月一日愚人節,會不會有人真的玩April Fool's joke,不向公司請假但卻no show呢?呵。:P